Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Blue Lagoon, Standing By


++Nice when you can count both Wallis Simpson and Vincent Price as collectors!

++Loving this romance.

++I've been blogging about indie music for a long time and gotta say, I've heard worse.

Summer 1993

++Sheesh, I feel like I'm always a year behind these days. I don't watch The Voice, so I'm not familiar with Anna Clendening. I do love the tone of her voice but think she needs more complex material. Also, she might be Michelle Wolf if you curled her hair?

Tuesday, June 05, 2018


++Oy this gloomy day has gotten away from me. All I feel like posting are old meme videos that are new to me and made me laugh over the weekend.

++[19:55] What a lot of people don't realize is that Leonardo DaVinci was also the first to invent the make-up tutorial.

++[1:52] Somewhere a pimp sits and watches and emphatically nods and agrees, "yeaaah, turn that dough out."

++Cool concept and promo, people, but you missed the chance to use this obvious choice of song.

Monday, June 04, 2018

Dark Souls


++I'd only buy the necklace above if it came with a little string or remote control where you could move the pupil around to mess with people.

++I've probably noted this before but one of my favorite Daily Mail sayings is "love rat." It's up there with "Hell for denim."

++Don't know how to describe what it is that "allyson m." is doing with all these songs other than novel! Probably part of a whole trend I'm late to...still. Funsiewunsies!

++That would be so much cooler if the voices inside my head were voiced by British people.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Synograph Across My Heart

0 Zy07FXVXirb5bAyE
++I have a passing interest in tech upstart companies, mostly the ideas behind them... and one problem that a lot of tech magazines and sites have is that often people who are businessminded aren't exactly the greatest at communicating creative or innovative ideas and use way too much jargon. I won't link to this frustrating article that I'm reading.

What they should do is hire people who fall on the side of being more visually oriented & who are able to put together easily digestible videos for dilettantes like me. People like Rideshare Guy or Jay Swanson, who back up their words with a sense of helpfulness and a lust for life for the common humanx. In college there used to be an unsaid prejudice on the parts of arts and science majors that biz majors couldn't communicate effectively ...ya see it more than ever in today's world.

One thing that would be lovely is for content creators to get dat cash and bypass the infrastructure that often leaves them with only pennies once it all trickles down. In this video Ben Lee talks about the questionably named Steemit, (been reading too much Urban Dictionary) and also exciting is Portia de Rossi's new project she discussed on Ellen about the royalty system that she is employing in partnership with Restoration Hardware.  As with all new tech, my guess is that Synograph-y won't render traditional brushstroke art obsolete, but create a new paradigm similar to how there's both movie theaters *and* Netflix. I'm honestly surprised that the 3d printer hasn't been used for this yet..this video of a Synograph makes the process look more like a copy machine than a printer.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Name To Remember


++All the different aspect ratios, above. They kinda form a cool pattern all side-by-side and whutnot!

++If you're a field reporter and you're assigned to get up nice and close to the volcano, on some level you gotta be thinking that your boss doesn't like you.

++Downside of being an old long time music lover is you wanna mash up songs from across several decades that NO generation will grok or appreciate, haha (She Keeps On Passsin Meee By, Journey’s Open Arms and Active Child’s Hanging On would be dope.)

++Ooh, just heard that that Chungking Express cinematographer gets behind the camera for the next episode of Bourdain in Hong Kong.

++i wasn’t part of the coolest of the cool crowds but at least we never called ourselves Juulers.

++Finding both the Drake/PushaT and Unpopular Opinion memes to be momentarily, passingly entertaining and eye opening. Ah, memes. Last about as long as dozen tulips, enjoy'em while you can.

++When you keep looking at a picture every day as a design inspiration and can't replicate it exactly the way you want to,then you might as well start calling it a design mockery.


++There's probably no way to overstate how influential Magic Johnson has been on DTLA or all of Los Angeles in general, and he just keeps going..with KIIS FM's Wango Tango set to hit one of his latest pet projects the new Banc of California stadium.


++Sure he got around the no shoes, no shirt policy back in the day but judging by the look on his face even Robert Redford wasn't buying what he was selling.

Life Is But A Dream


++Over the long weekend my husband and I tried to slog through Barry Lyndon again, the gorgeous yet snoozerrific old fave. I couldn't help wonder if Ryan O'Neal named his son Redmond on purpose. 

++What’s this? My two celeb crushes tweeting at each other today? Ok!😍

++I also revisited both Adam Duritz and Counting Crows and found a 90s video starring the Dad from Fresh Off the Boat in his younger days and this nightmare fuel? Good to see Duritz, while jaded...seems to be doing alright?

++Still relevant on so many levels and still hashtagged, bookmarked.



Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Ms. Currie’s Column


++I was looking up the meaning of the word “mishegoss” (it turnt out to mean what I thought it meant, for once) and found this old archived NYT article that is coincidentally written in a style I was thinking about the other day. My grandma used to be featured in her hometown society column and I haven’t read one in ages. Do newspapers still do this? If they still exist, always thought it was funny how you could gossip politely (with the use of salutations or honorifics, like Ms.) and publicly yet still use a catty tone. 

++Dang, tough getting the wheels moving after a lovely weekend. All I wanna talk about is Edwyn St. Aubyn. That can’t be a real name like Dallas Raines or Paul Hollywood, right? I'll be darned, not only is it real he's got quite the lineage.

++Lost Under Heaven: Seems like some appropriate imagery to get back into the week,lol.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

I Got Wheels and You Want to Go for a Ride

++Coming up for air for on this holiday weekend briefly to share two long, non music related, very dry videos about scooters, of all things! I seem to remember writing about the Bird company in the past few weeks but it might have slipped my mind. I delved a little deeper and am fascinated by both the Bird business model and execution. (#nopromo)This is not to say I have confidence that the whole enterprise will be successful enough to gain approval from cities or that haters will stop poopin' (literally!)on the Birds, I'm just intrigued by the wild wild west feel, where this may or may not be a gold rush and it's high stakes poker and everything is wild... and other yeehaw references, etc.

So much of the work is done over phones using an enormous amount of faceless manpower. Both cities and companies are kind of making rules up as they go along.

Similar to Uber, Bird mobilizes resources already available (people's electric sockets in their garages) instead of creating new brick and mortar facilities. Also, as a separate random commendation, I love the tone, interface and manner in which the Rideshare guy [below] introduces all these concepts. (Verdict appears to be you can make a little pocket change depending on your feelings about poop.) Will watch to see if this kooky business model survives and if it does it will have to do with easy availability of the Birds (always bet on people's laziness) and the fact that scooters are a less cumbersome than Segways, fulfilling the Dean Kamen's prediction of city dwellers needed personal sets of wheels.

Will also be curious to see if and how they get hacked, Office Space style.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018



++Someone once tweeted that Ocean's 8 is the alternate Carol universe since it has both Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson...I can't find that tweet but I did find this article in which I imagine the author chasing Cate around on the streets and yelling out her looks, loudly, to her, like a circus barker.

++You can always count on the Allah-Las to take you to that place. You know the place.

++Pretty sure this is Martha making a mafioso threat to someone.

++A casual search for "vintage clip art" brings up some racist results but I ain't mad at it!

++If I were Kaskade how would I feel about being mistaken for Rob Dyrdek? Kind of a wash, social ranking speaking, if ya ask me. They are equally yoked?

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Words of Radiance


++A few minutes ago I didn't know who Lucky Blue Smith [above] was. One Google News search later and I find out not only did he just model alongside Kendall Jenner but that he is with another model named Stormi Bree.

He and Stormi Bree have a daughter together named Gravity Blue, who had her own instagram postings while still in the womb apparently. What a ride these past few minutes have been! These are too many names!

++Zoom Out: Very much enjoyed listening to Michael Pollan on Fresh Air the other day. Terry Gross was a little confused by his description of his psilocybin trip having to do with Post-It Notes but I totally got it and frankly, that's worrisome! (Also I love post its, now available in rio de janeiro colors.)


++Based on that headline, pretty sure if you scramble the letters in the name Abdallah Mbajja it spells out Brandon Sanderson?

++Charlotte Day Wilson will be one of the performers at UCLA Jazz Reggae Fest on the 28th. So many good shows this month. At first I was like, dang, too bad that's a Monday night and was like. And then when I realized it's Memorial Day I'z all.

Monday, May 21, 2018


++I was watching an old episode of City Bakes where Paul Hollywood goes to Iceland to steam a loaf of rye bread, geothermally, aka over one of the volcanic geysers for 18 hours. And it's like, hey Paul Hollywood : $33.99. Saved ya a trip.

++It's been cracking me up how Jon Wurster keeps tweeting about getting mistaken for Ben Folds at the airport.

++Oh, "public." Misread that.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


++I'll never be able to hear the name "Teppan Zee Bridge" without thinking of this gif.

++I dunno, if I was to operate a website about miniatures, I'd pan back a little on the camerawork.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


++I've probably posted this video because I think about this song when opening my window in the morning. I did not remember the religious undertones?

++Saw some Yeti clothing being sold alongside those Yeti coolers I talked about before, this time at the hardware store. Hardware store's where it's at!

Monday, May 14, 2018


++Wow, here's a beaut sure to find its way to a soundtrack near you sometime soon! Ok ok, it's from last year but still worth pointing out, off the Dead Oceans label, a collector of some fine curios, it seems.

++How did Game Night just come and go without me never knowing it existed?

++Everything about that annual Jason Derulo Met Gala tweet/meme, every angle and aspect, makes me laugh so so hard. It's like raw amethyst where you turn it around and upside and in different lights and it is funny. And the fact that it will likely keep recurring like a gift that keeps giving. I just can't!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Good and Limber

++Sometimes fandom can come down to a single lick or riff of all things, and while I appreciate a good part of My Morning Jacket's catalog (as has been well documented on these pages), it mostly comes down to the opening seconds of One Big Holiday that starts at about :09 right here.

The man behind those lovely notes, and I could be wrong..wouldn't be the first time is one Carl Broemel. This is an older solo song by him above and as some commenters have noted it has a peacefulness surrounding it, reminiscent of George Harrison. This prompted me to revisit Nels Cline who is NOT peaceful, au contraire, he's very intense about the riffs that have inspired him throughout the years.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Smaller Scale

++Michael Shannon gaining on Spader as one of my fave recurring talk show guests. Cautiously optimistic about the timely Fahrenheit 451. (Update: just watched the trailer and I’m good without seein’ it. But I will read all NYT articles and listen to all the actors talk about the movie. Guilty as charged in Bradbury’s view you could say,lol emoji.)

++Omgomgomg, so many good shows at Hollywood Forever Masonic Lodge coming up!! Jeansus!! Why do they do this to me during such a busy month. Waaahh!😩

++Here's an older interview with filmmaker Matt Porterfield who often sticks close to his home turf of Baltimore; such a very specific place! I haven't seen I Used to Be Darker but it reminds me of the local color and flavor put out by Sean Baker, stories told by people who've actually lived in the location and seen some things(insert DeNiro impression here). He also talks about the difference between the tripod (the sticks) and the advantages of the handheld camera, apparently never having met my Dad.

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Moher There

++I've been mocking drones since before they even became a thing, not just because of the invasion of privacy thing but mostly because they seem frivolous. But minute (3:00) is the only time I think I ever thought to myself, might be cool to have one of dem. Oooh, ahh!  Pat on the back to myself for NOT making the Eddy Sheers connection here! Progress. But true to form I will make a bad pun in the title.  Some habits are hard to break.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Peloton at The Vic


++Let me guess. Even with all these bells and whistles on this dash, the Mclaren 720S does NOT have the long promised passenger eject button, for the times when your passenger starts fixating on that one subject they always fixate on for infinity. You know the one. That one subject they can't ever shake. The thing they'll always inevitably circle back to. Again and again. Everybody has one. And they never stop talking about it. Myself included (Ed Sheeran). EJECT!

The Top Gear review of the McLaren says "you can traverse London without mowing down a peloton of cyclists." What does that say about all other cars. Hm. I keep hearing that word lately, "peloton." One of those zeitgeist things, I guess. Someone on YT likes the sound of a peleton, above. Kind of soothing if you close your eyes. It's no crying baby, though (1:56). And fiiiine, here's a song by a band that calls itself Peleton, just to make this all music related.  I don't know who they are, but their fans are loud-y rowdies and it is my kinda scene. Oh the bawdy wench laughter.:

Monday, May 07, 2018

Purple Clouds

++Seriously, how is Bebe Rexha NOT Kylie Jenner in that Florida Georgia Line video. Signed, the person who finally decided to look up Bebe Rexha.

++Just way too confusing, Chris Nolan stans. Way too many reference points. Pick a lane, as they say on Bravo shows.

++Should I just post a series of old Gabriel Garzon-Montano videos for the next two weeks or so? Probably.

++Twitchtv: Kinda relaxing?

++Big Alan Turing fangirl here, and you know what? He's still gettin' things done.


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