Wednesday, July 05, 2017


++Hoo boy, this week is already taking off from under me. Here's a placeholder for now. I like music that's just a little off-kilter. When are they going to start making movies about the aughts so we're told how we're supposed to feel about the decade...and what stood out?

++Everyone on the internet makes fun of rosé...but what if you actually liked it? It would have to be on the DL like being a Republican in Hollywood. A secret love.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

House of Mien

Several weeks back I remember Terrace House trending on Twitter and I finally had time to check out a few episodes just recently, though there are far too many to binge watch at once. The bleep on the radar back then was that the show, about twentysomethings living in a koolhaus in Tokyo was that it is so boring and that's why people loved it. And believe the hype because the show is very quiet and slow moving, and all the residents are genteel, clean looking, well reared and attractive. It's a far cry from America.This is by no means a recommendation to watch this show because I have a high tolerance for quiet and boredom. Most people would probably move on to something more exciting after the first two episodes.

Thus far, my favorite part of it all has been the commentator panel that watches the show. They're bawdy and older and register reactions true to what we we're feeling at home. It's a little like a cocktail party of old jaded Hollywood has-beens watching babies play at the park.. or Japanese Best Week Ever.

Here are a few of them that I'd cast in a poorly received, controversial (See Ghost In the Shell) movie about them (the movie would be about the commentators and not the show itself, obvs.)


Ryoto Yamasoto: The de facto leader of the group, who kind of reminds me Graham Norton. He's more cynical and searingly quick witted. Would be played by Mark Duplass with the same glasses. He's the best! #legend


 Yoshimi Tokui: Voice of reason. He's the charmingly sedate foil or counterpart to Ryoto. We would have to bring Serge Gainsbourg back to life to play him in the movie.


 And then there's Reina Treindl who serves as, like, the moderator of the group. She doesn't chime in often..I'm just including her because she may be a robot, her features are so perfect, and that would save me money in the movie. Otherwise she's played by Carey Mulligan. They look so similar, she may actually already be Carey Mulligan.


And then there's you, no not you, dear reader, the lady in the pic above who calls herself YOU. She often reclines and I swear she's missing a cigarette holder and martini. We would have to get a time machine and get Brenda Vaccaro to play her. (Is Brenda Vaccaro still alive.Hm.)


And lastly, the baby of the commenting panel (there are other members but these people pictured are the main players): Ayumu Mochizuki. I'm not quite sure why they included someone so much younger but he's quite wise and quiet, an out of the mouths of babes situation. In a weird way the panel treats him sweetly with a kind of reverence..he may be a popular actor out there..and it adds to the fun. (Played by a yet to be cast unknown, young Haley Joel Osment type.)

Monday, July 03, 2017

History Repeating Itself


++I think I've gone back and forth over the years but can now say yes, I'm of the opinion that young D-Hoff was handsome. Case closed. The universe breathes a collective sigh of relief.

++Glass Animals: Coordinated his socks to his shirt, I see. 2017 is all about the socks and peanut butter.

++Hm., re the lyrics under this Baccara song...I don't think she means dancing! #educatedguess

Heard this over the weekend and it reminded me so much of this song..needs further research.

Friday, June 30, 2017

The Blossom Tour

++My two favorite kinds of tweets are when either a) someone talks about their phone like it's a person ("What should I get my phone for Christmas?") or b) accuses Angela Lansbury of having been a mass murderer when she was pretending to solve crimes. Those two types of tweets only come up every so often, never get old.

++Another one of my favorite things is when you can't understand what a singer is saying. Then it becomes whatever you want it to mean. [Above.]

++Wasreading about all the people including his mom that Jay Z has on his new album and I had the funny thought like what if DJ Khaled's son was listed as executive producer? Like people are all, how cute, Khaled loves his son so much he lists him on his projects...but like really Asahd is some hard working dope ass savant studio wizard prodigy. Can't even walk yet, knows ableton.

++Looked at a box of almond milk, whispered the phrase "shelf stable" and thought for a moment that maybe there is such thing as too much knowledge.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Only God Forgives

++Pretzel logic: I don't know..maybe it is the final sign that I've lost completely is that I'm looking up pretzel designs. I don't even like pretzels!

++I won't get into it now, but I've been watching all kinds of interviews where Ewan MacGregor has talked about playing twins/doubles. Pretty sure it is in 3 separate projects (The Island, the Jesus one, and Fargo). I get it though, why wouldn't anyone wanna twice the Ewan for the price of one?

++My voice often elicits some kind of is a certain kind of voice. For whatever reason, it is the kind of voice that makes women tell me that me that telemarketers tell them they sound like a little boy (or girl) and ask if their parents are home. Those darned telemarketers! Always stating their opinions.

++Kinda forgot about our friend Ariel but I don't mind this song at all!


++Don't usually pay no nevermind to these things but man, is this is mostly accurate!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017



++I was going to say "were we ever this young?" but really I don't think I was ever this young, lol.

++Wish I was still dating so I could add to my profile that sometimes when I say Comic Sans I am really visualizing in my mind's (3rdeyeblind) eye, Cooper Black.#hotfonttalk

++GROMMET ALERT! GROMMET ALERT! Sure, it's Bella Thorne mind you but it (my prediction) still counts.

Monday, June 26, 2017


++Mellah: Once upon a time I found a stunning largely unspoiled destination that tourists hadn't yet discovered similar to the place above , and like the locals, I shall not publicize it and it shall remain that way. Shhhhh!


++I was going to favorite this on Twitter, but half of those are already Diane Keaton related items.

++Something to be said for a simple, glowing restaurant review. And these pix ain't hurting, either!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Let's Go Downtown


++Yes, Natasha Lyonne, the penguin prob did *not* say that, but the egret above is definitely saying "Sup'?"

++Kevin Morby: Heart eyes emoji...why don't more songs start out with some Jen Tilly-esque narration? Into it, for sure. On an unrelated almost bought a khaki bag with a treble clef but didn't follow through, now looking at his jacket having some regret. [Love the buildup at 4:10!]

++Ugh, haven't even taken my vacation yet and I'm already experiencing holiday '17 dread.

++Gonna put that quote on a tee for meeee.

++I dunno, the lady skipping the party in the Promises Malibu commercial seems like she may be on the side of right.


++Guy seems to be in trouble but I love his shoes. So he's got that goin for him.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Shroom Fairy

++This is so much better than his song "Net Worth." YMMV.

++I know I am months too late on it but tied with the two guys reacting to the Lil Dickey song my fave funny thing of the year thus far has been the Childish Trumpino Red Bing song. Sure song is ruined forever but really, is it??

++Call Me David: So is he the murderer or the perp? Seems like the kind of movie imma check out.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rejected Jokes's been a while since I'd checked in with Mexican Summer and am buying what they are serving!

++Ugh, why is absolutely everything happening on the weekend of July 8-->9?? Unfair-sees.

++Doy..All this time I thought the sound from my childhood I thought of fondly was the Moog when it was actually the Fender Rhodes!

++If I was some rich vapid reality star I would do a off-side candid interview about how my rooms might be empty but they're decorated better than so and so's. (Always create a feud if you want to keep your job.)


Monday, June 19, 2017

A Dance of Sugar and Cream

Please for you to meet, Alexei Ratmansky. 

I just read this piece in the New Yorker about a production he's put on for ABT based on Richard Strauss' Whipped Cream. With costumes by Mark Ryden.

Basically the story is about a little boy who gets sick from eating too many sweets and hallucinates about pastries and big headed chefs, and as someone who loves both food and music (and some things surreal), I am pretty sure I will end up seeing this at some point...

Here's the inspiration:

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Chinese Whispers


++Beth Ditto was on NPR just now talking about the popcorn shirts they sell at Walgreens, and I had no idea what she meant...thanks Innnannet!

++Kinda zen koan-ish...

++After reading Phil Collins' take on arguably his most popular song I quizzed my husband if he knew what Chinese Whispers were (never having heard the term before), and he said, "probably one of those weird British colloquialisms." Pretty much.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Always Will Be

++Amazing how hilariously dated this video is...from the clothes to the hallway light fixtures all the way down to her crush. What a beauty she was. Fun fact: Dido's son is named Stanley.


++Dios mios, this day is a total sh-tshow, however I want to kind of bookmark these links for my own personal reference later. You know... for when life has meaning again? There's never not a good reason to avoid work.

SO! Long story long. I was watching the trailer for the follow up to Life Is Strange, that I talked about yesterday and got mildly hypnotized by the refrain.... above. Specifically the phrase "I feel numb in this kingdom." And hey whaddaya's a song by Daughter, who I may or may not have promoted some lifetimes ago. Anyway, here's THAT video...

 Pretty hypnotic in and of itself, no?


It is called NUMBers and is part of a video trilogy based on the short stories of staring-into-your-soul Stuart Evers. That can't really be his book, right? You know what would be super cool is if each chapter was a cigarette. #intoit.

Anyway, all three videos are joined by a red coat, apparently. I will consume all this later at some point...and the film team that worked on these have also collab'd on this Neil Gaiman series. The end. Back to work! UGH! Waaah.


++Aww I just love the repartee between Kidman and Ewan here. The good stuff starts halfway through when they reminisce about their heady Moulin Rouge days. They're both excellent listeners (tho I give Ewan the slight edge). I particularly like their approaches to failure...Kidman talking about how hard it is to challenge yourself when you've done so much and are of a certain age. And #relatable when E talks about his affection for the movie he directed that was only seen by "18 people." Sometimes when you create something you loved you wish it would have touched more people but are happy that it exists even if few know if its existence.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Crank Up the Bright Eyes

++Would love to hear a snark-off between this narrator and the TMZ guy.

++Just doodled the Souls of Mischief logo. May be regressing. #Alzheimers.


+++Maaaan, if I was Cherelle I would don the editor hat and take out the word "whiny" all on my own. That's just disrespectful.

++Huh, as an active person I often eat on the run and today, perhaps a first, I have misplaced a sandwich. #roguesandwich#wheredatgo?#therewillbestench. (Also, as a busy person, I F-CKS with a cute tote bag. Give me utility or give me death. Also style.)

++Can't remember if I posted this video above already...pretty much every comment is some take on Harry Potter. Poor Harry Potter.

++Speaking of wiks: Last week I was thinking how weird it is that the word nazi is in Ashkenazi and was like ((((whoa))))) then I met someone who one upped me and introduced me to the idea of the Khazarian Conspiracy, which is kinda meh as far as conspiracy theories go. Far more amusing to me is that there is something that calls itself RationalWiki. And their standards are "nosebleedingly high!" In that case I'll see myself out...

++For a second, as my boy approached the stage, I nervously thought "will my boy be able to hang??" [My boy was able to hang.]

Monday, June 12, 2017

Wild Wild West



++C'mon, twitterer who says that such and such song is better than Boom Clap...she'll never have a better song than Boom Clap!

++Too bad the old Fred Segal in Santa Monica is gone. Sure, it was ages since I'd been there but I loved how dream-like and surreal it was....v. Natural History Museum. Walking around inside felt like being inside a diorama or movie set. This was often compounded by the fact that there were few cashiers available, if at all. There was all this expensive merchandise that no one would guard and everything was new yet dusty at the same time. I would have to remind myself I wasn't dreaming,or else the place would spook me out.

On a separate note, my husband is always bringing into conversation Elon Musk's theory that we are living in a computer simulation. Follow up questions: Will Lil B head up this dept.? And if ya such a wise tech guru, why U no simulate a reality where U no wait at the DMV, Musk? How will the diminishing division between reality and fantasy f-ck with the central conceit of Legion?

I've been tearing thru all these School of Life videos on You Tube. Love the easily digestible Python-esque optics and revisiting the basic principles of the philosophers in a non-pressurized jaunty way... (Best ones were Marx and Camus.) Most of da Homies were just looking for the best ways to suck the marrow out of life within the alienation of capitalism, which still applies. Marx's original ideas are so misunderstood. 

Descartes encouragement to know one's own thoughts in a blurring/surreal world ...seems more timely than ever.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hoist Up the Bucket Now, Charlie

++Like the way she says "Feelin' yosahves." Good enough reason to post this as any? So much great phrasing in general.

++Saw a girl wearing these shoes over the weekend now I want these shoes. Pretty much all the shoes I want I already had years or decades ago.

++Who's the better marketing team, the people behind "dark web" or "deep state?"

Wednesday, June 07, 2017


++Two fun words of the week: Budtender, ambisextrous.

++These lyrics are a little simple, farm in the dell you might say, but who needs complicated these days, anyway?

++How does the dog feel about the Sally Kellerman comparisons, I wonder...

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