Sunday, April 08, 2018

Orange Blossom Trail

++Oh man, a little sunny weather and my work ethic goes down the drain. Let's hear a little from Leilani Wolfgramm to get me back into the swing of blogging and out of cooking my brain with sun and chill. Otherwise I might never resurface.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018



++Some of these are better than emojis, tbh.

++If you talk to me on the phone with a monotone vocal fry, apparently I will respond to you with the same tone of voice.

++These are such nondescript names for characters. After all the ominous warnings, what would be fun is everything turned out to be fine, just fine!

++No idea what all y'alls are talkin about. Looks like my kinda jam, though!

++Randomly decided to look up the CEO of Time Warner Spectrum and did not expect him to be so young and dashing? That's gotta be a made up picture and name. They could've at least lifted a more recent pic of Dermot Mulroney. We're not dummies!

++Besides The Apartment and Billy Wilder, Cam Crowe talked about his affection for Monterey Pop, one I haven't seen. And now after watching this trailer and hearing the act-by-act description song, hm, maybe I don't need to watch it?

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Life Is the Best Writer

Just got done listening to a crackling, percolating interview with Cameron Crowe and Alec Baldwin for Baldwin’s podcast and I feel alive again! Weird thing to say/write in this jaded age but I challenge you to listen and NOT come away with the same feeling.

Both men have the enthusiasm of two Labrador puppies boisterously pawing at and tearing apart Crowe’s catalog and career. They share a fanboy love of music (from a generation slightly older than mine) and a good basic story, that they describe like a solid cup of coffee. I closed my eyes briefly while listening to Crowe at one point share his anecdotes peppered with vivid and visceral impersonations of showbiz legends. He's got such a great command of the language too that I was like, oh yeah, forgot he's not only a director but a writer at heart. Forgot about the writer part of him, I guess. He sees the world through both lenses. Creatively ambidextrous. Fun fun fun.

Monday, April 02, 2018

World Makes Three


++I enjoyed Jesus Christ Superstar but with the industrial set design and all those guitarists kept wondering when they were all gonna bust out of that shack and meet up with Immorten Joe.

++His expression reads: "I just wasn't cut out for this world."

++Heard this doozy, this gorgeous little slice of heaven, by Kera and the Lesbians on NPR yesterday during an Altlatino sampler segment. (Surprised NPR hasn’t switched over to “Latinx”yet, maybe in time.) Looking up the song I was pleased to find a video that matches its shimmering, hallucinatory Orbison quality. I don’t know how long they’ve been a band..such a well defined sound and personality. Was also going to make the obvious Jack Johnson reference here but let’s toss some of my old friend and man of many hats Bahamas up here instead for a change of pace.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Album #4

++Not totally sure I get the whole concept of Imposter Syndrome that everyone keeps throwing around but if there is a way to apply it to the look I get whenever someone talks about the Golden Ratio, pretty sure I’d be made into the keyword for a gif. (Also if anyone were ever to ask me how to say Bebe Rexha.)

One thing's for sure, Charlie Puth doesn't use the ratio on his hairstyle.

++Hm, no one's ever mashed up Nachos, Flanders Style with Oppom Gangnam Style. Rare missed opportunity.

++I didn't know Grouplove was from the land of Oz, and now it all makes sense.


Wednesday, March 28, 2018



++I still love Terrace House as much as ever but I hate that they changed the theme song and all the background music is too much! Country and whatever band it is that sounds just like the Strokes? Ok, you do you, Terrace House.

++Wowwee! The lady who does the PBS Art Assignment videos I love to watch on YTube, Sarah Uris Green is married to John Green. Fun couple.😍

++While I’ve written about Kelsea Ballerini who has the best PR team in the biz, on the other end of the spectrum you got Travis Tope who apparently sang a touching song in the movie Say You Will. Not only could I not find the song or its name, I couldn’t find a trailer for the movie or any good footage of Tope other than him stamping out a toilet worm while blindfolded. Kelsea's media mafia would not allow for this! You need a better public profile Tope and maybe some Hurriclean. Anyway, in the meantime here’s an oldie by the band Travis.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


++I don't know what the suspense will be in the movie First Man, given that everyone knows how the story turns out. Maybe it will be that Ryan Gosling thinks it's about rodeos? Will he be in for a surprise!

++Millenials are associated with avocado toast but they're far more into face masks than anything else.

++Ugh. Sometime in the near future I'll be walking through a farmers market and I'll see a tee that says "I Deny Biting Beyonce," huh? 'Cuz ain't no one got the copyright on that phrase yet.

++Yay! She must be so excited to finally be reunited with Jonny.

++I was thinking about how that toothbrush company hired Selena Gomez 'cuz of her song Round and Round. They could've gotten Linda Blair for cheaper, and when you think about spinning heads...she's like the First Lady. Might not be an appealing sound while you're brushing though...

++Look out GAS, here comes GUM. Would it be too on the nose if he made this with actual gum?

++Everyone is disturbed by the things Sean Penn is saying, I'm mostly disturbed by the way he says the word "memoirs." What country is that accent on that particular word?

Monday, March 26, 2018



++Comments under Yaeji's video are positive/supportive and hilarious.

++Oh look, with this eye shadow mimicking its logo, model Elizabeth Sawatsky could be the face for Bomgar. Between this and the Sister Nancy song I've got their PR 'n' branding campaign all mapped out!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Muzak Filled the Air

++The front of Los Globos looks like a steam freighter or tugboat. Destination: Discoland.

++Was f-cking around in the kitchen and combined Trader Joe's Short ribs, Trader Joe's Red and Yellow Curry sauces and "kablammo!" a puff of smoke filled the air and through some combination of Cholula, alchemy and fusion cuisine, great, I'm now Trader Joe. Pleased ta meet ya! (Gotta burn the ribs but it was off the charts.)

++It's really funny how you can be a celebrity and spend probably 80 hours a week workin' on yer bod and someone will point out that you missed "leg day." I meaaaannn...

++One of my favorite things recently is The Cut's "I Think About This a Lot" recurring feature. I never really read the entire articles, I'm just fascinated by the things other people get fixated on because it happens to me often, the looping. Today it's been that weird Danny Aiello response video to Papa Don't Preach that I posted a few weeks ago from twitter.

++Not to be the Interweb's librarian but I feel like this Tweet should be categorized under this meme. Carry on.

++I feel like if spend this much for a purse it better come with some drumsticks, the real kind and the food kind.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Ladies Day

++Co-sign on the group dynamic here and everything they are saying. My kind of salon!

++I don’t trust the new weather lady.

++This ranks just below Melissa Etheridge condoning the use of Come To My Window for the Chili's To Go Window commercials, and above Jen Aniston's voice when you ring Ellen's doorbell. 


++And this is probably not worth documenting but I was working with a customer service online chat just to get a really rather unimportant question answered and the person on the other end asked if they could go inside my computer from their remote location. Sit back and relax, she said. It was fascinating, almost like an out of body experience or this scene:

 ..Just another one of those unexplainable sensations in modern life. Bomgar! If they ever want a theme song Melissa Etheridge's my suggestion.

++Excited to watch Barry based on rilaws review for Vanity Fair. Having met Hader in passing, he’s just as nice as they say he is and am happy for his success.

++Let me guess, married to "Area Man?"

++Sometimes when I am in a good mood I will give Steve Harvey a pass. Other days I'm like.

++Should I feel bad that I have caught / killed crawfish in the past without any kind of remorse? #bleedingheartliberal #confessions

++Was hopelessly in love with an interview with Tayari Jones I saw on Seth the other night. What a treasure she is. Mostly because (and this is related to the video above) she says [paraphrasing]...just create whenever it is that you have time to create. You don't have to be unemployed. Busy people can make stuff too!

++I think I've gone noseblind to the news.

++Was reading a wonderful thread on Twitter about people's fave movies of the past 10 much fun to see people's personal leanings. The Oscars this year were a mixture of carefully selected daring choices balanced with the Academy clinging to safety on the biggies. The bigguns! Old whale-like institutions are fearful of rocking the boat too hard. One wrong move and social media takes you down. I think they did the best they could.I read one critic say that a decade or two ago they were actually more daring but that was before there were so many more platforms on which to get "blasted" by "outrage.”


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sight Gag


++Added bonus to this lamp: If you somehow end up crashing face-first into it, your face turns into Foodles!

++Best part of Kiln is they always keep the thermostat at a toasty 800 celsius. Probably.

++Would be down for hearing a scream-o version of Camila Cabello's Havana. The "na na na"s in particular would make for a great bloodcurdling interpretation, maybe by Death Grips.

++Have not yet found the appropriate moment but somehow, some way, one day, I will use the word bodied in a way that sounds natural and not try-hardy.

Monday, March 19, 2018


++Starting to form a vague taxonomy of expected behavior in buildings nowadays: Looming, Gothic house and you're gonna get killed or should be cowering in the darkness....mid-century era DTLA high rise lobby and you should be dancing about awkwardly as if no one is watching.

++Those in charge of clickbait should never discount the power of a good photograph, which is what drew me to this blurbbo about Wolfgang Voigt.


The trailer for his latest project is a trip to listen to if only for the reverb that makes it feel like you're in a wind tunnel. (Or am I having a migraine?) Am a big big fan of of ambient music that pulses as if it is about to explode, with a dash of excitement, ala Danny Deacks. Not sure I would have gone with the GAS handle tho?

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Yeah, Ruth Cassidy

++Big year for the front pocket pullover hoodie. 

++Lol, I'll get back to posting more modern music at some point in my life but I'd never heard of this song by John Hiatt..hilarious! I wish they'd write country songs like these again. Just from a rhyming/lyrical standpoint "between us" naturally rhymes with "penis."

Untouched By Human Hands

++Not even kidding when I say I can't wait to hear what Jon Ronson will do next. All these outlets he has and I can't find any indication of what it will be. (Yet! Detective LaToya is on the case.)

++Oh no, this will resurface again in September won't it?

++St. Pat's: Huh, whaddaya know, House of Pain is from LA. Still don't understand why they rep USPS in their Jump Around video...closet philatelics?

++I was on Pottermore to find out what my Patronus is and the animation was just the coolest, and filled my heart and head with a chilly childlike sense of wonder I hadn't felt in ages. I disagreed with my spirit animal but what a fun, well-crafted journey it was for 10 seconds or so. Eat your heart out Jaquie Lawson!

++I was looking at a can of Chock Full o' Nuts and it's always struck me as a weird name for a coffee. And not once but twice on the label it says "No Nuts. 100% coffee" and "Nothing but coffee does not contain nuts." And I was like well then why name your coffee that, homies?

The origin of the name goes all the way back to the Depression with decades of business intrigue and a recipe for a "nutted cheese sandwich" that sounds both disgusting yet possibly delicious? And all the "does not contain nuts" didn't come about til the 00's when people started worrying about nut allergies.

The jingle that was played in commercials is above but far more entertaining is the song from which the melody was lifted, where the lady's love interest comically chimes in with a bass-heavy(maybe the same guy from the ZZ top songs) reply to her question. And, nailbiter, what does he say? Click on down for the answer! 

Thursday, March 15, 2018


++Uhhm, yeah, excuse me..not to be all Ariel but how can I live in or be part of your world?

++I've been in kind of a goofy/lazy mood the past few days and something lead me to this horror trailer for Midnighters which just looks ok to me? When will people just stay away from those looming Gothic houses? Gothic, fine. Looming and Gothic, just bail man.  Is there another Nightmare on Elm Street movie coming and are fan made trailers a thing now? I got nothing but questions today and a desire to throw it back to this cover of Midnight City that I loved once upon a time. As I was searching I kept thinking it was Abby Lee (Jonny’s wife) who sang this and that lead me down a whole different cobblestone road to the Dance Mom lady. YAWN! Be done endless week!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Fabulous Flowcharts


++Pssst. I switched from Suri over to the British man's voice and he's just not as smart.

++Was pondering the $100 bill yesterday. When you pull Benny Franklin out of your wallet it looks like you caught him by surprise and he's not too happy about it. I know many of the security features are nods to American iconography down to the crack on the liberty bell but I zoomed in even closer on the bell and whaddaya know!

++Most of modern life is spent thinking "where's that buzzing/ringing noise coming from?" I don't have tinnitus so it's just getting used to all the machines and their dull hums and whizzes. That's why the Alexa laughing story was kind of curious to me. Don't know where I'm going with this but it'll inevitably end up having to do something with gaslighting. All roads eventually lead to gaslighting just like you always end up back in Koreatown.

++The vape companies appeal to kids with candy and choco type flavors..if they want to go after adults like me they should market a feeling instead of a flavor the way candle companies do. If they had one called "I told you so" I'd be all over that. Or a drug called "I told you so" sign me up for an addiction because that particular smugness, silent or spoken, is the absolute best feeling.


++They're beautiful and this makes no sense but I feel like if you carry a Yeti cooler you'd be obligated to pretend your picnic is from a Jens Lekman song/storyline.

++Geez, hope they can get it together in time to invade Bachelor Nation.

Monday, March 12, 2018

People on the Border

++This Mamuthones festival described by The Quietus sounds fascinating, but it sounds like the one thing it's missing is a little turmeric.

++Oh no, are people using 'Aloha" instead of hello in emails now? I didn't sign up for this.

++People sure do love to show off their French accent when saying Givenchy's full name.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

To Give This Song

++Well it’s finally happened, I’m too tired to deep delve into the whole RuPaul/trains/Ellsworth/JoyceCarol thing. Going to let this one choo choo past me.

++I’ve had the song The Hustle stuck in my head all weekend which lead me to these videos below somehow. The lesson is, don't get The Hustle stuck in your head. Lol, I'll never hear the song the same again.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Live in Brooklyn

++Andres: I could probs post a more professional video I just like happen to like the lighting here. It makes me happy, so there. And happiness is a discipline as Sharon Stone says.

++I talk to my IT guy the same way I do when I joke around with Siri. I know humor is probably wasted on him but it's fun to try anyway.


++Something for your m.i.n.d.: Speaking of conversations, I was flipping around the radios last night and heard the familiar sound of John Tesh's voice talking about how when you are in conversation with someone you should mirror their world view, and which of their 5 senses they value most whilst speaking. For example if someone says "I see we are not seeing eye to eye" you should mimic that to create a sense of empathy by saying "I see your point." Or "I heard that Sally is a Hardworking Homewrecker!" should respond with "I hear that too, uhh huhh!" (Idk what kind of toxic workplace I'm imagining here.) Anyway, I found the whole concept interesting and I guess Tesh does a podcast with Connie Selleca and Gib Gerard.. who is an almost exact amalgam of both his parents by the looks of this pic.

++Everyone talks about how contentious things have become with the left attacking the right and back and forth and on and on. Back in Kierkegaard's time they'd just slag on/take a swipe at all humanity at once in one fell swoop. Efficient!

++This old footage of Hugh Jackman is proof positive that some men, I'd argue most men, get better looking with time. He walked into the room and I'm like, oogiddy boogiddy! (Do I think in gif form now? Possibly.) It literally took me a few seconds to recognize who he was. Wow, Redmayne's not a bhad singer, howboutda'?!

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Let It Bhleg

24046-Modigliani  Amedeo
++Nowadays when you break up with someone you erase all traces of them on Instagram. Back in Modigliani's day you just painted over the bad memories. Swish swish bish.

++Life would be such a delight if you were the kind of person who got excited about company emails updating privacy policies. Everyday would be Christmas.

++What’s up with all the alpaca themed jokes lately?🤔

++Gotta say, some 13 years into blogging..some of the people that I looked to at the start as being "in the know" are still mostly in the know! There's a core 15 of us folk. Regardless of age, the curious stay curious and zeitgeist... or synchronicity... or whatever, the 15 of us all tend to discover the same cool things at the same time and usually a few weeks before anyone else. #hivemind (I include myself in this category because, in this dictatorship, no one ever comments to dispute me here.)

+It’d be fun and unexpected if that Jon Hamm movie with baseball memorabilia was all about the boring details of eBay sales. That would be hilarious. A climactic scene where he enters the zip code for shipping costs and the music swells? [Cymbal crash!][I'm having Birdman ptsd.]

++I read this once when it was goin around, loved and lost it, and now found it again and would like to put it here for my own future reference. (Keyword for meee-word: Etymology.)(Be fun to hear Adele sing "Let it Bhleeeeeggggg..")

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