Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Choo Choo

++I like to follow A24's output and while I won't post the trailer for the movie Hereditary (since I already posted some tripped out trailer action yesterday) I will share my train of thought whilst watching it: 

"Love Toni!"


"Where'd they find that girl?"

"Shoulda used the music from the Kylie video for scarier effect"

"Ooh that'll be a gif one day."

"Oh good, Josh Peck's getting work"

"Yeah that'll be a gif, too."


++I've written about the Cool S before, but I like how every time I check in, the legend/mystery and mythology continues to grow. Won't be long before someone turns the whole thing into a Nick Cage treatment.

++While I don't always agree with her there's no denying that Ana Navarro is terribly entertaining on Twitter. Sassy aunt!

++Do you need to do all the
hand and finger flourishes for these hacks to work?

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Are You Scared of Me?

++Please. Let us not politicize the humble tortilla chip, even the corporate kind. #tortillatalk

++Ohhh boy, I am so busy today so I got nuthin', and I know I should be posting music--however--these two trailers are the only things of interest to me right now, just becuz I think that as a society we need some new kinds of masks (also, what is happening here? I must know! I have no idea what this is)...and I love both David Tennant and Lissie Moss, Scientology be damned. Has this already been released? if anyone is coming to SOG looking for info, I am just as lost as you are...[Update: Oofers, apparently it was released in April of '17? Where? Everything is so confusing now.][70s were so wild, man. What with all the screaming and rebirthing. I think it would be accurate and an honor to be described as a "jig woman."]

Monday, February 05, 2018



++I'd love to own the painting above but not this one for sale on ebay just because for some reason it reminds me of sausages, and whenever I'd look at it I'd mutter to myself "now that's how the sausage gets made." And you don't wanna be thinking about sausage making in your free time.

++Have had this funnel for years and only now realized, accidentally, that you can push it in and collapse it. Hahaha, lordy sometimes I am just NOT paying attention.

++Feelin' overly sarcastic yet self aware this morning so I will not make the obvious jokiejoke I wanna make here. #jokester


++People are already pretty showy with their redbottoms, slowly and overly crossing and uncrossing their legs, imagine how they'd be trying to work these into your visual field during conversation.

Sunday, February 04, 2018


++Lots of things hidden inside dresses this year.

++One thing you can count on, maybe every week or so, is for Twitter to let you know the three things J-Lo avoids in order to stay young lookin. It is as predictable as the sun coming up every morning. One of them is caffeine. It has been drilled into us since the start of time like the Pledge of Allegiance. But lately there's been a twist! A-Rod slipped up and said her secret vice is chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies, both of which contain trace amounts of caffeine. You been ratted out J-Lo. Bus-ted. I for one, feel betrayed.

++Those kids givin' lip to their COPD grandpas are real brats. Real surprised that no one has done a parody/satire of the CNN Apple/banana commercials. #cnnthoughts #catheters


Friday, February 02, 2018


Wha-wha-what? A Friday post? I've been kinda hyper this week and thoroughly enjoying my listening to all these little girls on the commute....

And fir some reason, walking back in time for another walk with these sexy effers. Playlist time! (Three is the most I ever do.)(Porter Robinson, Ariel Pink and MGMT have been sooo influential to the kids.)

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Bops, Daps and Dabs

++In case you were running out of things to worry about....

++Man.. I had no idea that men placed so much thought into going in for a handshake! THE PRESSURE!! lol. For women, older ones like me in particular, it's either a regular shake, a light hug (maybe a halfhearted air cheek kiss)  or a super squeezy hug.The video above is funny and instructional, while the second video touches on how the handshake is a split second mutual assessment of "cool." (So true!)

And the last one is just sweet, one of those fleeting moments of youth miraculously captured and now long gone! Forever! Sob. Even the way the sun backlights them from the side. Ugh, kill me with the ennui. Were we ever that young? Not as young as 10 minutes ago.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Do the Michael Mash

++Haha, oh no, I'm starting to develop a problem. Just like I can't get over the Linkin Park Numb/JoJo Siwa Boomerang mashup, now listen to the opening notes of these two songs. If only there were a market for people like me who mash up just the start of songs.

Truth Decay

++I don't remember having ever seen this video for Paul Young's Come Back and Stay. Surprise ending a la Vertical Horizon meets Ralph Malph!

++Was this intentional comedy, if so bravo, nothing has made me laugh as hard in the past few weeks.


++Breaking News: In another episode of #TortillaTalk, we have a strong contender/challenger to Vons In Store Brand as Best In Oiliness Category, above, if not for the throne. And I just now noticed that this kid's head is made of tortillas which, points for that as well. And at roughly half the price of your premium Vons brand you get twice the amount of oil and a much faster rate of artherosclerosis. (Omg, I just discovered my avatar because I never stop thinking of tortilla chips. That's a window into my brain and also I love chanclas.)

"Think about it.."

++In the past year or so where up is down and down is up,(where righty is loosey and lefty is tighty) I've often been blinking guy surprised at people voicing sometimes wildly unpopular opinions. I have a lot of them that I mostly keep to myself so I find it ballsy af when people go for it, yeah, fistpump!

Aaaaaanyway... I was watching a video of Gandhi's assassin's last words, scrolled on downz to look at the comment section and lo, in another surprise, lots of words of support for the man. Hulu Who knew!

++C'mon popular LA restaurant I just looked up on Yelp, that's literally 5 fries in a ramekin. Nothing to write home about.

++I find it interesting that many bots are so similar (namewise, taglinewise) to the twitter account they are copying but then are from, like, a different city. They're like movie studios that couldn't come up with original material. Enough with the reboots! Rebots?


Monday, January 29, 2018

Which Nobody Can Deny

++Would be fun if you were listening to an audiobook if you could change the voice of the narrator to anyone you wanted and like, switch it to the Sam Lee setting.That voice!

++What do I do if I like the design of a t-shirt but I don't know what the logo means?#unsearchable

++One thing they should teach youngguns in school is to not feel bad when you are not everyone's cup of tea. When you're young you get offended/butthurt but the older u get the more it's a badge of honor, Mabel. Your loss, ya buncha Mabels!

++Just off the top of my head there are only a handful of things that have literally blown my mind in this short life. The top one will always be the Grand Canyon as an experience, and educationally, a close second was years ago when I saw firsthand demos of 3D printing. It still isn't where they had predicted it would be by now, in terms of mass use, but it is inching along slowly. That may be a good thing, now that I think about it. 

++Love Joel Kim Booster's aura. He's such a cheery-o. For he's a Joel Kim Booster. (It was either this or make a comparison of his name to Kombucha.#mornings)

Sunday, January 28, 2018


++My husband and I drove past a sign that said taxidermy yesterday and I kept repeating the word "taxidermy" out loud until it became "tax-obama"  in his typical cadence.  Then I started riffing on Obama in his new profession trying to sell you on stuffing an animal. This grew into a conversation where we imagined Obama and (randomly) Tom Brokaw discussing Brokaw's dog and Obama using the lines "what kind of pose would you like?" and "You got a dog? I'll make him look sharp." This is one of those half-awake things I probably shouldn't have posted.

Friday, January 26, 2018


++One for the weekend from Superorganism: Embrace the pause/glitch!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Rachel dein

++Lol...I couldn't figure out why I suddenly,out of the blue, I kept wanting to listen to Linkin Park's "Numb" after all these years, and then I finally made the connection. It shares the same three simple opening keyboard notes as Our Lady of JoJo Siwa's Boomahwhang. This is why it's good that I do not have the power nor motivation to do mash-ups. The horror. The horror!

++How is it that click highlighters don't dry out?

++What Lexus doesn't tell you is that the relentless pursuit of perfection is exhausting. That wouldn't be as punchy.

++I was looking at a list of some of the newest toys and something tells me that Crazy Aaron (wild reviews, crazy indeed!) might be behind all the mayhem of Makey Makey.. Crazy-aarons-black-light-thinking-putty

...Someone out there's gonna hook up their gonads, huh? Edit. Someone out there has already hooked up their gonads,huh? [Update: Predictably, I became obsessed and bought some putty and now all I want to do is collect all the different kinds of putty.]


++Lol, in my copious free time I made the mistake of opening the SOG inbox and it's literally in the 1000's now. Dios mio. One thing that stuck out is an invite to see Anna Meredith at the Bootleg this coming Friday the 26th. Pitchfork says it is the kind of music that will make you see "cartoon stars." And who doesn't want that? Please to check out Dowager below with more coverage to follow should I decide to checks out the show...and please bands, keep sending invites!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Heavy Meta


++This plot sure is convoluted but one thing's for sure: Gav and Barnesy are two Northern Soul dancers.  Someone really wants that factoid highlighted, and highlighted again.


++Seems like year after year there's some variation on stripes coming back into style. You hardly ever see squares tho.


 ++Ron Gallo looks and sounds pretty intense so if he were to roll up sayin he's on the guestlist imma let him thru...

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Rebus Reccomendation

220px-Young_Daphne_du_Maurier Manderley-from-the-classic-movie-Rebecca Rebecca-cupid1

++Whenever I'm watching Big Fat Quiz there comes a part where they do what all the contestants usually to find be an easy rebus pictorial and I'm just horrible at them! I guess my brain doesn't function in those terms...and never has. Anyway, it doesn't take away from my admiration of the form, and I like the idea of using pix in place of words, just because whenever you remember a movie or a time or a person, you don't really think of them in sentences (maybe stray quotes here and there) you just remember snapshots.

++Well jokes on me because I've been mocking JoJo Siwa for a few weeks now and that damn song of hers has been stuck in my head all weekend. Guess I'm prob not the only one?

++Ear Drummers!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Erah

++Can someone do this for me right now only with an egg sandwich?

++For a split second based just on the name I had visions of Night Court, Night Shift or any number of 80s dimly lit seemingly dusty city based entertainment that doesn't seem to occur anymore but that's probably not what this is going to be.


++No YOU Air Raf! 🖕(I don't know what's with this weird mood I'm in this morning, lol.)(Yes I know it's "Raafe" but it's also quite funny to imagine this being said by a Kennedy.)(Update: Well I'll be darned, I did some snoopin and it is pronounced like Ralph, and not rape after all!)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Garden of Eatin

++Besides Gorilla mascots another frequent SOG topic is tortilla chips (viva Vons' oily grocery in-store brand) and while I would rate the darker "blue" tortilla chips as being a little more dry and hm, tougher on the teeth, they do earn points for being less crumbly. Your whole tortilla to crushed leavings ratio is better with the blue chips versus the thinner white or corn tortilla chips. This ends #Tortillatalk. Next time we tackle "restaurant style" salsa.

++This is not a tortilla chip below, as far as I know, however it is a song that pleases me. Even more so are the cute boys boppin around at the 8 min mark in the video above.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Gotta Back It Up

81yvlAPJaZL._SL1500_ Gorilla-logo@2x

++I had the most insane weekend and am under the weather so all I gots today is some thoughts on how, like at conventions, the Gorilla Glue gorilla probably clashes with the Moco de Gorila for his lack of dignity. I suspect that I may have already blogged on this matter but after this many years everything is on it's 4 round of recycling anyway.

++Selena Gomez' moms unhappy about a lot of things lately.

++Graham Coxon was put in charge of the EoTFW soundtrack and there will be oldies.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Place Setting

++Sessy song courtesy our taste overlords, EA.

++Russ: Heh, heh, the comment that says "What they want is a You Tube tutorial for this amazing messy bun."

++What are all these places going to do if and when horizontal wood/weathered design goes out of style?

++I wonder if Solange ever regrets naming that album A Seat at the Table because from here on out she will get someone thinking they are making that joke to her for the first time when being seated at a restaurant or party. I know the reference came up with friends and family multiple times (okaaay so it was mostly me makin the joke) over the holidays so just imagine what it's like for her. Coulda woulda shoulda Solange-a.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

57 Great Jones

++These two are so into their popsockets I was hoping that at the end they'd stick them on to their foreheads and the popsockets would lock together joining them into an electric, eternal mindlovemeld based on lifestyle accessories.

++For whatever reason, I like that wiki has a pic dedicated to where Basquiat lived.

++Go on wichaself Mimi, dang..:

Monday, January 08, 2018


++With today's politically charged feminist environment, even I, as a woman,feel weird pointing out something physical like that Sigrid has great cheekbones, but c'mon, she's got some killer bone structure.

++I pretty much went thru all of Needle Drop's entire Year End "best of singles" offerings(since we have similar taste) and while I don't 100% endorse Alex Cameron, I do appreciate how he maintains the same unique dance style throughout almost all of his videos. #consistency

++People are makin a big deal out of Fire and Fury..but I literally know two people who are writing books about Trump. I mean, who isn't writing about Trump? I know people who are operating under the assumption that they aren't writing about Trump, but between you and me, on some level everyone is writing about Trump whether or not they are aware of the fact....

++I spent all morning searching for it, but I can't find the favorited Tweet where someone pointed out that the ultimate mike drop would be Sue Grafton going out on the letter "Y". It's a continuation of my ongoing death prescience on these pages. :(

++Was watching a make-up tutorial that involved applying scotch tape on to the lady's face, and possibly pulleys, levers and hydraulics to achieve the look and it reminded me of this...


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