Tuesday, September 23, 2014

White House


++Ahh, all these years I too have been misinterpreting F. Scott Fitzgerald's quote. Love the way the Internet sometimes serves as factchecker.

++Listen, what I do with my wolfberries and fox nuts is my own business.

++The Snowman: The beauty of this video/song makes my heart soar and moves me to the core, NBD..


++For weeks now there have been signs in my neighborhood looking for a lost cat named "Raccoon." All I can think is that the cat was pro-cat and ran away from a life of degradation because the owners kept calling him a raccoon. Just thought I'd share that along with this tweet.

++Today's Pick: is from Sub Pop's smaller sister label Hardly Art. "S" is the long running solo project of Jenn Ghetto, formerly of Carissa's Wierd. (I didn't know the guys from Band of Horses sprung from the loins of Carissa's Wierd. Huh!)


Anyway, Jenn Ghetto has teamed with Chris Walla to produce the album Cool Choices, with the promise she'd sound like Van Halen.

While levels of bohziebohziebop-edness remain uncertain, it is quite a unique sound. I like the track below better myself.. Her sound is kind of Suzanne Vega meets Liz Phair.

Monday, September 22, 2014

She Broods

++This glitching stuff'll be useful for the selfie generation as they start to age.

++Steve Wright's humor lives on in the Hit A Blunt twitter account.

++I'll go watch a movie if McLovin is in it,  so I'd definitely eat pizza he (glumly?) endorses...

++Love the way that Troy Sivan sometimes hesitates when he says the word "pi-ll." Am a sucker for the lit-tle things. Wonder what Tyler Oakley's gonna do with all that power of his...(I would use it to sell socks. As I've said before I love cool socks.)


++Hayy it's Monday!! Who wants to dance ?!

++Broods: Kiwis and Friends of Haim Georgia and Caleb Scott (pictured above) are fashionable (choker alert!) and thoughtful and siblings. See the play on words there?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Tightest Song Ever"


++Was looking to see if Danny Elfman has been doing anything new.. and instead found this site talking about Mono, Justin Long wearing a walrus suit made of human skin, centaurs' human halves fighting their bull halves and cows eating mango seeds til they die. Sometimes you learn things you wish you didn't,

++Siren Xx is the closest thing to a completely computerized voice I predict will one day Milli Vanilli all of us. Gettin closer..We're almost there.

++Caked Up: "Ooh Ooh" Waiting for the What What remix.

++This Delicious: Terminal Sales, Volume 2:

I unearthed this delightful little album while doin my usual snooping around. Here are my fave trax, including the one at the bottom by the Elected, called the "tightest song ever" by one astute YT commenter.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Hum


++...Soo, I was planning on posting a picture of Sam Romans here but I'm not certain that out of all the choices the Net is giving me, which one he is. One things for sure, he's going to be featured in a romantic Xmas ensemble movie.(video below)

++Hookworms, On Leaving: Other people see those changes happening in the video too, right? Hope it's not just me.


++Kinda want this Criss Angel poster in my life. How I wish I was kidding.

++They used to have a way with ominous shadowy figures back in the day. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Step Up, All In

++Well, looks like it's time to pull out The Liza Defender.

++Proud of myself for not linking to the story of the cat that looks like he has a moustache. #livestrong.

++I never watch any of these dance movies, but gotta admit, these are some impressive posters. Complete sensory/eyeball overload. Not sure it's a good idea to put all those electric signs in water, guys? (That'll make you dance for sure.)


++Not to be confused with Rowan and Martin.

++Am pretty Sto-ked that football season is back. TBHers, I don't even follow football that closely, I just like how it signals a change in season, and the predictable, familiar roaring white noise of it in the background on cold nights. Anyway, the only question is whether the Schmoney has peaked too soon for it to be used in the end zone anymore. Who we kidding, the internet beats everything dead into the ground and coming up on the other side in China.

++So, I've been on a good run wrt to music over the past week or so! Ugh, this song by Tobias Jesso is a knockout .

..part of me hopes he never gets a budget to improve on production because that is just gorgeous all raw and such as it is....

++And then there's this one by Alex G. Sure no one's gonna do anything revolutionary with fuzz. (Everyone wants to be Brad-man) But we can have fun trying, right?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Be Comfortable, Creature

++Just Blaze has been redecorating... 927438_1567630913465667_585219758_n

I don't know if I'd ever use speakers this huge, just because (despite my love of music) I try to be a considerate neighbor. Still, like owning a fast sportscar, would be nice to know you had that power at your fingertips, and could blast the mawfaw roof off your place if you felt like it...

++I sorta love this clip of Al Pacino in Manglehorn, which from what I can tell has been getting mixed reviews. I always thought he was much more compelling in quieter moments, when he wasn't yelling. Like a tiger pacing its cage. Kind of fascinating to see him age. All these years later his screen presence is still undeniable.*

++Speaking of mixed reviews I went down a Romain Gavras wormhole, he of MIA Born Free and DJ Mehdi video fame, and even though his film One Day Will Come wasn't well received, I love his provocative way with imagery. Here he sells luxury for Dior with a pretty pretty Rob Pattinson. (PS: If anyone is ever doing anything with Vincent Van Gogh, Vincent Cassel is yer man.)

 ++Did you know that Akon's real name is [deep breath] "Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Bongo Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam".. which is great, but was the third 'Lu' really necessary?

++Confidential to Ryan Lewis: Heyyy that 'Pac vs. Franz Ferdinand is my favorite thing I've heard in ages, and I listen to a loootttt of music. Whantchu throw up some more mixes on the secret-ish You Tube channel and dedicate to them to Soggy, or whatever?

++That Ornette song from last week is still stuck under my skin so let's have another by her, jah?:


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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Desire Lines

++I'm amused by these portraits of The Hills by Karin Bubas. Don't know why... Maybe 'cuz painting seems to be too serious a treatment/medium for something as inconsequential as The Hills. She really captured my memory of the show, or lack thereof. I couldn't tell you any specific plot lines anymore (were there ever any?) in my mind all that's left is vague brightly lit snapshots of Whitney looking half-bored and engaged while taking a phone call, like above. My fave is "Justin Bobby with hat and hoody." Why both? That guy had all his head coverage needs covered, twice over.

Hm, wedding tech-iquette (that one's mine, please credit) now includes worrying about hashtags, spotify and just the right app.

++Who knew that 'Pac and one of my all time fave songs would mesh so nicely? Very "Walk This Way." And you're talented and cute Ryan Lewis, but maybe ix-nay on the ancing-day.

++How 'bout something cutesy and ornate for this fine Thursday and our foine selves from Fiona Daniel?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Living Has Become Popular

++Heheh. All of this is about right/ what you'd expect.

++Continually intrigued by Ryan Seacrest's descriptions of his home life.

++From the inbox: Our old summer fling Paolo Nutini returns with an EP titled Caustic Love on 9/16.

++Let that U2 virus slip past ya, eh McAfee? Do ya jobs!

++Ooh... Robert DeLong will be at the Echo with St. Lucia on October 25. Might have to haul my old lady bones out there for just one night.

++It's got nothing to do with booty, they're just helpful inspectors who happened to be passing by, making sure she's wearing the correct size underoos, like the internet constantly policing/hounding women about whether or not they're wearing the right bra size.

++NYTwithoutcontext. Still the coolest thing on Twitter.

++People seem to be tiring of my thundering, operatic rendition of Chandelier. Is it the viking hat? Or the way I pull down the heavy velvet curtain at the end, superfast? Their loss.

++Today's Pick/From The Inbox: Max Jury has an EP out in October, once opened for HRH Lana dR and likes girls who like the "Black Metal."

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Days of Lore

++I remember thinking when Lena Dunham wore that unusual dress to the Emmys a week or so ago, that fashion is one of the few ways these days that you can make a unorthodox statement without having to apologize. I was not a fan of (at least the upper part of) the dress...it just seems like in a day and age where any even remotely unpopular sentiment must be frantically rescinded the next day, what you wear is the one thing that you don't have to apologize for...

Anyway, Kiki Dunst has worn a variation of the Death Star dress above in the past.. I think it's goofy but doing anything bold is exciting to me.

++Ah ha. Steve Agee said he did a podcast at Starburns Industries so that must mean it's real?

i had this app once
++Anthem Mag has a headline story trumpeting Jake Lore. Before reading it I took a quick click on this video...

I'm not sure how I feel about the song but definitely am into the emotive Future Islands-y dressing interpretive dancing and the unexpectedly soft vocals that come out of someone so rugged and tatted. Like Pitbull's chill cousin or something.

He does have soulful eyes.

Anyway, where was I? I like this soundcloud from the article better, no?

It's got elements of Pet Shop Boys in its lighter moments, always a good thing. Ok the part where he spells letters out is crackin me up...Cheesetown, USA! Still, anything new,

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