Thursday, August 28, 2014

Work Glows

++Feeling know the I, bb!!

++There's a new Mondrian hotel opening in London's Sea Containers complex, which is a lot prettier than what I imagined it would look like..

The ad above is sort of similar to the campaign Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas has done for years (this one directed by Mike Figgis). A lot of pressure on the staff to be cool, I'm guessing. What about the housekeepers..are they edgy? And the maintenance men, are they ripped and hell for leather? Giant Chanel key ring?


++Aberfeldy: Speaking of the UK, I was just reading about the band Aberfeldy who I'd never heard of before, and whose career spanned the aughts, mostly. (A long time ago!) Anyway, the way this writer presents the band's soap opera storyline and sound is thoroughly Scottish, what with their "career furrows, nose-pinching lines and wee Doobie Brothers moments."

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Computer Jay

++I knew it. They totally airbrush out the bags under Jessica Alba's eyes in that huge billboard of her laughing off of the 405.


++From the Inbox: Heyyy, ARMS is back doing Elliot Smith and They Might Be Giants covers, out Sept. 2 on Spotify.

++I was reading a lil on Pavement's Scott Kannberg, aka Spiral Staircase and listened to this song he did, Cold Change..which is not to be confused with Little River Band's Cool Change. That lead to the discovery of this video where dew turns to ice. Get it, cool change?

++I meeaaan... I think anyone with ears can hear the current of rebellion that runs through The Coup's music?

++Hm. I didn't think the first place I'd see the skinny scarf would be on Miley Cyrus but here we are. It might be too offbeat to ever catch on. Fashion is totally effing with us.(I think ladies'll start wearing the scarves in their hair too.)(Whatever hair they have left. Everyone seems to be cutting their hair to look like Johnny Bravo these days.)

++ Fitting In At Parties: This might be the funniest thing I've read all year.

uhhhh whered everyone goez?
++Last night, Twitter was ablaze re: the Feminist Frequency video (alas, I could only stomach watching half) and seats reclining on airplanes. I'm amazed at how the world seems evenly divided, like 50/50, on 'to recline or not to recline.' And people will argue their side/POV with a ferocity not seen since the abortion debate.

 ++I heard Team on the radio the other day and I've always liked that Elmer Fuddy part "da coe owe send" (3x)where her voice slowly becomes dark and computerized. Just like what NM was saying about Imogen Heap the other day, I love when voices get modulated Roger Zapp style. I don't know if any modulation is done to Orfeo's voice here but it would be nice to hear the flipside.. a song where the voice is modulated higher/upward, sort of like someone on helium, for an uplifting giggly sped-up anime, happier, freakier sound.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


++Git out me plane, Jorma's wife.

++ANTEMASQUE!: 2014,The year bands capitalized and rearranged the letters of their names.

++From the Inbox: This year's Culture Collide is spreading to San Francisco.

For us Arngelenos, the smorgasbord of international bands will perform across several venues including The Champagne Room and The Echo, tickets are $35ish and they are partnering with The Line in Koreatown to offer discount goodies for the mouths of attendees. Sounds funn.

++Wanted to see what Nicolas Jaar's been up to and I just love this edit he did of the The Hellen Hollins Singers. It reminds me of something from Breakbot a few years back, just smooth and simple soul. Had my head bouncing til about the 1:30 when it got a little TOO quiet before starting up again. Jaar, you prankster.

++I'm a little surprised with myself for not yet having watched the sequel to Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan's movie The Trip given how much I adored the original. I'm pretty loathe to watching followups to things I love.. But now I have to watch it after seeing this glowing review. Here's the Strauss song, Im Abendrot, mentioned in the review that features prominently throughout the movie.

Bonus: A clip of Brydon's Small Man Trapped In A Box, lol.:

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fox and His Friends

++Found my twin.

++Also may have found the only other person on the internet into Rainier Werner Fassbinder?

++Huh. Just googled it and as right now no one has used the headline "Saline Shailene Solution" for an article re: Ms. Woodley.

++Today's Pick: is from Santa Barbara's Mexico City Blondes, who have some great band initials. In in our shorthand world, that really counts for something...


Friday, August 22, 2014

This Is Water

What a lovely week it was! I don't usually post on a Friday and this movie director kick I am on does not seem to be letting up.

Today's info byte comes from having done more research on my beloved and sorely missed David Foster Wallace (how I wish there were more of him at the Warehouse), who was really into David Lynch. I already completely mined the Lynchian wormhole a long time ago, but it did lead me to this news about Charlie Kaufman, who has been working with Starburns Industries to Kickstart an animated project called Anomalisa.

Who is to say whether or not it will come to pass, as these Kickstarter things go. Frank and Francis, another Kaufman project seems to be on the back burner? (I'd love to see that movie happen just because of the movie within the movie and how critics, especially online critics&PR, would react to be slammed.)

I'm not soo crazy about people who already have the scrillz asking the public for cash, but if it were still available I SO would have signed up because of all the little perks promised to donors. I'd also be down just because if this project is successful, Starburns (real or not, who knows) promises to work with Louis CK and Robert Smigel. Dan Harmon, Dino Stamatapoulos and Duke Johnson are also involved.

Anyway, let's end it on a pretty note with animals roasting marshmallows over a campfire and Laura Veirs, who was featured on the Conference, err, Coherence, trailer.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Super Cinemascope

I gotta get back to posting on more music, 'specially with all the nice invites I've been getting in the email box. Thanks everyone for those, I get lazy during the summer. Lately all I wanna do is talk movies!

++It's amusing that movie nerds get excited about the description of a trailer. Sorta like a text about overhearing a secondhand account of a locker room brag, innit? I'm sort of over Tarantino, even though I still consider myself a fan. One thing I do love about him, like with Edgar Wright..(aw well, it appears he'll stick with Pegg on the Baby Driver movie. I heart Pegg, I just wanted a little change. Gimme Danger.) their use of wild music in movies.

++Can I be the first to make a badonkadonk joke? I am the first to make the bandonkadonk joke.

++Just once I'd like to see Joan Allen catch a break in movies.

++Jessica Hernandez isn't usually the kind of music I post here, but she seems to go along with a post mostly about Tarantino. He'd like her style, I think. Gotta match the glassware with the meal, I say.


++Speaking of which, everytime I see the Coherence poster I always misread it as "conference" and it makes me think of my fave George Meyer essay.

++Somehow I wouldn't have pegged The Velvet Viking as a Nancy Grace and Seinfeld fan.

++Pretty sure the people in the Cialis commercials are having all of the fun. Even Nancy Meyers be like, damn!(as she takes notes.)

++I have this kind of thought all the time.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Palazzo Chupi


++I don't know that I am ready to commit to you, Waze.

++All You Do Is Takk Takk: I don't do albums, so I've only heard the two radio songs from Coldplay's latest album..I absolutely love Magic (played it like, 700x in a week, that one week)(turned out to be a grow-er) and absolutely haaaate the other single, the one with the circus-y video. But because I respect my homegirl Nico "Ooh the thangz" Muhly's opinion (who thinks Coldplay owe much to Sigur Ros, including tote bag royalties), I may give certain other songs another whirl. But if they pull any more circus sh-t I am stopping this car... Hear me Coldplay?

I will stop this car.


++Zales Moment: These would be great for anyone who gets holes in the tops of their shoes from wayward big toes. Also for anyone fond of saying someone needs "a good swift kick in the pants!"(To be yelled in a cockney accent for some reason.)

++Lol. I actually find this sequence sweetly dated.

++Would it be too lazy, too meta, too "gif within a gif".. to point out how cynical this writer is when criticizing the Applebee's ad?

++Was listening to Jack Antonoff on WTF a while back and loved what he said about preferring the various nuances of women's voices (over men's voices). Just puttin' that out there in relation to this song by Marina Sakimoto, only 20 years old from New Zealand and sellin the fook out out of records. Git it, girl.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

True Stories


++Made In America: Cool Mayor is thinking, "F-ck yeah!" Also, of a way to keep this thing cool by making sure Ballmer's invite gets lost in the mail.

If we don't invite the young kids, how will we all keep up on the latest in stuffed animal backpack fashion?

++Blind Item: On Sunday, I was standing on the curb of a bustling sidewalk with my phone out, about to take a picture of a window display when one of my very favorite actors (swoooon!) just happened to walk in front of my lens. Whut! He was followed by his beautiful actress wife (in a pretty summery dress paired with unfortunate 70s leather clogs,tsk) and their tween daughter. Of course I'm gonna snap that pic!

Their kid went into the store and the couple stood facing each other while waiting..her face casually searching his, under a navy NY cap and tortoiseshell glasses. He smiled at her broadly, with a comfortable familiarity.. before dramatically pulling her close and for seconds they stood locked in an airtight embrace, his arm around her waist..until the kid came back and broke the spell, their bodies falling away from each other.

Looking at the pics later, I asked my husband if I should try to sell them to someone, only half-joking. Or maybe post them here on SOG? But we both agreed that such a tender/private and stolen moment is too pretty to share with our gross, nasty world.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Crash Into Me With A Kiss

++Saw Martin Starr wearing a variation of this shirt and now me wantie! Now-ie!

++So disconcerting to be expecting a Meat Puppets video to play when all of a sudden the Jennifer Aniston Aveeno ad pops up. Hey, I guess everyone (from all walks of life) needs skin care, right?

++Ok! Let's play us some tunes on this fine and glorious Monday. I randomly stumbled on Van She's name..totally forgot about them! I've spent the past few minutes trying to track down the song that used to love by them. I think it was this one but I seem to recall liking a remix of it better? In any case.. Wish this song had some words but I like the relaxitude it brings. Summer is almost over and I HATE it! Gnome sayin? Steel drums forever.

On the other hand, here's one by Mark Pickerel, one of the rare drummers to move to the front of the class and sing lead. Love these ragtag, jumbled lyrics! Almost more words than the song can contain.

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