Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Show Me the Coffee

++My beloved Typepad got hacked yesterday...the first time in my many years of writing/driving this jalopy. Still, on the bright side it was a fun snow day. Thank you based doge.

++Let us know when you find out, FlyLo.

++It's usually the Cody: It's usually the Cody.

++Huh, so I looked it up and turns out you can't use the Citizen's Arrest move on someone simply for being annoying. Well, there go my summer plans. Tee hee, I like the artist's rendering of the crime taking place (First drawing). Is our hero in anguish because he's trying to decide whether to risk getting involved or not wanting to touch a "Fedora"? Feel your pain, hero dude.

++Was perusing the 'S' section of this wiki article on band name origins and Stryper was definitely trying way too hard. Spandau Ballet's etymology, on the other hand, is pretty awesome'n'macabre.



++I got sucked in hard into this Google Glass article about the affair between Sergey Brin and Amanda Rosenberg and all the dynamics at play. His soon to be ex-wife set off a chain of events by researching Brin's Parkinson-prone genes (he's descended from a group of people who have an increased probability of developing Parkinsons, as written in their DNA code..) that lead to him having a existential crisis/affair AND and she may eventually hold the (genetic) key to saving him. You can't make this stuff up.

Only winner in these power play rankings is Hugo "Xioami the Money" Barra, if anyone is looking for a hot stock tip. (Also: Iron Man's Tony Stark is based on Elon Musk. Who knew!)

++I have never taken psychedelics so I don't know what is going on in this trippy and hauntingly well directed video by Rob Jabbaz for Designer Drugs. But! One time I did drink one too many Mountain Dews so I tooootaaallly understand this one..all too well.(nsfw). It employs the same, dense rapid fire imagery used by Sssphyss'o a few weeks back.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Into the Core

++I'd prepped a few thoughts for this morning about The Punk Singer docu and Kathleen Hanna, but decided that I've already written waay too much about the esteemed Ms. Hanna in the past. Instead, I'm posting this beautiful song by Jolie Holland who I remember writing about many lifetimes ago when we were both young. Viva regional accents and pronounciations.

This video is by the exuberant Sini Anderson, who also directed The Punk Singer and makes me smile.

 Make more music Jolie Holland!

++Well, for whatever reason, I've been super into fashion the past week or so, and have been getting lost in the slideshows of street looks on The Cut. Even though I wouldn't wear half the things the women in Paris are wearing I admire their flamboyant use of color. Then this picture struck me for some reason..: Benjamin-Jarvis-.nocrop.w624.h746

..not exactly sure why. Sometimes wearing one solid color from head to toe makes more of statement than a million hamburger tee shirts. There's just something about his shock of white hair, easy gait and indecipherable facial expression that's just... cool. He's so lost in his music, too. You could almost Photoshop his figure out of this background and into the middle of, say an African safari, and he'd still be obliviously absorbed by whatever he's listening to. Anyway, turns out he's an actual model, named Benjamin Jarvis, having likely been discovered by a scout who like me was probably struck by his look.

Awe, he seems sweet.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Live Lids

Hoo boy, I've just thwopped open the airlock and went down another one of my trademark wormholes and I don't know if I will ever be the same.

I was reading about the return of Fairy Tail and entered into Japanese Fashion Inferno. It's sorta the best! I don't normally go in for anime or the hyper harajuku sensibility, but I do love some graphic innovation, especially when it is perfectly suited to the music.:

And the concepts of their graphic tees are so alive, making all the GNR shirts and classic rock tees you see at stores anemic in comparison.

You gotta give the Japanese credit the way the trick out and tweak old cultural references, combining ideas and words in unexpected if sometimes bizarre ways.


I mean, why settle for the same old plastic surgerized face everyday when you can have interchangeable faces, like those sunglasses; Swatch faces or those new baseball caps with the changing logos. (I am sure some a plastic surgeon out there has had this dream/nightmare.)(Mines would be Palmsie, obvs.)


Asian countries are also (probably happily) once removed from involvement in our politics/rhetoric and can make shirts like this KISS parody that includes Osama and Dubya's faces. Never knew Dubya had such slyphlike shapely hips.


Doc Brown would have never imagined a future with this slogan but I dig it.




 A doily collar? Someone's beeen watching too much Judge Judy!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Timo Tjahjanto

BTRy1IIIgAADwfZ.jpg large
++It'd be aweshome to start a rap war with Macklemore because his rhymes with so many things. Think of all the potential disses! You could do Macklesnore, or "homie imma roast you up like a Macklesmore." (You never disappoint, Internet!)(I would buy 2 Grainz.) Dive

++ Rumer Willis has come into her trust fund money and is looking to open a club. Seems like the premise/pilot episode of a CBS sitcom? The article says Bruce and Demi aren't excited about the idea because of their bad experience with Planet Hollywood. I dunno, maybe goofy tacky tourist traps are the new cool. I used to kind of dig Dive!'s theme/scene [pictured above]. I would do an actual submarine nightclub. You could give the LA crowd waterproof fedoras as they board, leave them down there, etc. 


++Denim by Vanquish and Fragment: Great, looks like I now have to keep up to date on the latest in phone fashion. Denim. My zany uncle who used to make his own abstract Christmas trees out of found materials and wear these shirts was way ahead of his time.

Timber profile might need some tweaking


++Sometimes after a long stint at work, all you wanna do is kick back with a tall cold one and leaf through your USPS stamp catalog but noooo you get "trapped in a world of betrayal and chaos as the Triad is moving towards a bloody campaign of territorial expansion." That, and you forgot to take out the trash.

++I am all over this James Bernard track I stumbled on randomly. Yes it's 10 minutes long. What, you want a 5 second song while you look at the Blood Moon?I'll take this one.

Sounds sorta like the soundtrack to an alien invasion. Would love to hear someone lay some vocals on top of this. Alas, if wishes were fishes..(we could party with them in submarine themed nightclubs.) Hey, James Bernard is on linkedin and uses Ableton. Producers be loving Ableton, said the 90s comedienne.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So Gangsta It Hurts

SO!! It took a little doing but I think I gots a live one for today, via Earmilk, whose recent offerings I was combing through when I was intrigued by a :45 second teaser they posted by Terry Poison. Earmilk have their paws in everything so what was up with a tiny clip like that?


I will be honest and say that the song is just a'ight for me--what I really dig is the glitchiness, creativity and overall look of the video! The salient scene for me is where the two females are pushing each other on the playground and dudes are standing around with cameras. It's a commentary on society that I would take time to dissect if I weren't too busy clicking on celeb pix on duh internet.

This song was made for a fashion runway and the Israeli electro outfit with a constantly changing lineup has its roots in fashion and once opened for Depeche Mode.

Dude these people get it..and her white poofy dress! Is that what we're doin now..sandbags on the hips? A sort of peplum design gone too far? Or is that a hula skirt. I dunno, whatever it is... I am diggin. it! And can I wear my poofy harem pants underneath the sandbags or is that OTT/too much poof? So many questions.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Zulu Guru

++Whupsy! I accidentally deleted Thursday's post. For my own reference, it was about a newfound jamzilla that'll get ya feelin like a b-hooo-ooole (2:19), grids being on their way out , chic black Halston-like flowy jumpsuits and my new obsession with super loose fitting pants in general. Nope, I refuse to search for the phrase "let it all hang out" in this situation, Internet. I know you all too well and I'm not going there on this Monday morn.

++You moody,sson.

++I probably missed the point of this article because to me a perfect body would have more storage compartments, of the kangaroo pouch variety. Then everyone at coachelly wouldn't need fanny packs. And they could all be freeeee spirits. All we all want is to be free.

++So here's more from Jacques Greene (from the butthole song above), who also used his alchemy on this song by Jesse Boykins III (Cool treble logo, whoever created that.). What a voice. Internet, in this case I will accept what you are offering up on this Monday morning. Motion granted, Jacques Greene. Sort of Active Child meets Sade, no?

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Maybe Your Dog Lost You

you called for some gardeners?
++I got this little pang of affection, a spot of dopamine released, whilst reading about Flipside Fanzine. I love the Flipside font, the precious few number of issues that were released and probably caringly (if still punk-ily) handstapled, the word fanzine itself and the nicknames of contributors who worked on the issue. Whatever happened to Hilda Unapproved, anyway? Holy cow, these names are so great I have to post them under the cut.

++Every Tweet is funny, even the background image.

++Shiksappeal: Admiring Leslie Mann's wholeheartedly feminine style. She's like a children's book heroine all growed up, embracing color and unusual cuts.

++I can't find it anywhere but my favorite joke on last week's Mindy Project (that I keep laughing to myself about) was when Danny is talking about how Mindy really gets around and says something like "I see her number in men's rooms all over town, and [puzzled look] it's in her own writing." Oh man, that killed me.

++ From the Inbox: Ahead of her upcoming sold-out UK tour, Danish singer-pianist Agnes Obel is set to on the opening Later…With Jools Holland. Exquisite.

 ++Am always wowed/bowled over when someone can sum up my feelings perfectly and with precisely chosen examples.

Just discovered Sweet Apple, that features J Mascis and friends (including Econoline spokesman Mike Watt) doin some good ol' power pop. The kind of tender "duuuuude" longing in power pop still can't be beat.


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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Temptation Calls

Darkness Falls CF043174_RGB
Here's some wonderfully simple imagery for this morning in this older video by Darkness Falls. It's like all the poems about love and loss come to life with just black and white shirts and a drawbridge. That's all ya need, man. No pyrotechnics necessary. I don't know where this is, but it's not America, because the message would be spoiled with Arby's cups flying everywhere'n'shert and gross bureaucratic signs messing up the view.

Ugh, love. This is my favorite video in quite some time.:

Health Bar

I messed around and watched this entire Minecraft video. Not cuz I'm into Minecraft or the song (do all parody guys have the same tone of voice as Weird Al?) but because the fluid motion of all the little boxes feels mindlessly relaxing or something? They must be doing something subliminal here because you fall into a daze if you stare into the center of this video long enough.

Anyway, I had this vision of some teacher of the inventor of Minecraft once telling him "you need to think outside the box" and him rebelliously thinking "oh yeah? forget you, I'm gonna think in ALL boxes."